• Shipping

    Do you ship to the Country of Canada and Province of Ontario?

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    Started by BUCKWHEAT

  • JD3020 Alternator

    I have John Deere 3020 diesel. Bought Delco alternator apparently I have motorola was told they would interchange, Backs look nothing alike...

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    Started by odellmj

  • Tractor Seats

    What is the difference (besides price) of seat cushions # 163450 and #107016?

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    Started by C342479

  • 1944 jd A head gasket

    My wife and I are trying to restore the tractor she just inherited for her late grandfather. It's a 1944 John Deere A and it needs a head gasket and...

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    Started by Miketwiss

  • JD240 instrument panel indicators

    I have a JD240. Before I bought it someone tried to steal it damaged the instrument cluster. I have had it for years it runs fine but the red...

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    Started by Mark